Enjoy an exiting day discovering a city by playing the Schnipseljagd!

The Schnipseljagd is a challenging treasure hunt mixed with a sightseeing tour! A new, original way to discover a city togheter!

You can order and start the Schnipseljagd at any time.

By unravelling the hints and directions on your phone, you will follow a trail through the most beautiful streets and lovely neighbourhoods.

Along the way you have to solve various riddles and questions about the area, for which you can also score points!

To find the answers, you have to take a closer look at your surroundings. Study statues, artworks, buildings and more!

You´ll notice details that you’d normally miss and wich gives a city its unique character.

During this city game you also learn more about the local history and culture, so you really get to know the city’s identity!

The Schnipseljagd is a fun outdoor activity for everyone and can be played all year round!

Play the Schnipseljagd together or compete against each other in teams! Then order 1 Schnipseljagd per team.

For the best experience, we recommend to play the Schnipseljagd with 1-5 players per tour, but more is possible.

Check the Online Shop where the Schnipseljagd is available!

At the moment you can play the Schnipseljagd in:

The Netherlands:


A tour through Noordwijk aan Zee & Noordwijk Binnen – discover the whole town!

Noordwijk Seaside Tour – dicover the seaside and the old fishermen’s houses!

Kidds Tour – a seaside adventure for the young ones!



Mimizan – Discover this charming surfvillage on the Bay of Biscay.



Salamanca – Explore the beautiful city known for it’s old university!


Of course we’re always developing new tours! At the moment we’re working on new routes through Katwijk and Leiden. But also a special tour for the upcoming flowerbulbseason!

If you want to stay informed, follow us on social media for the latest news!

Check for more details the Online Shop and order your next city adventure!

Jola's Schnipseljagd & Discovery Tour; Selfguided treasure hunt activity through the city looks like this!

How It Works?

Click & Play

After your oder has been completed, you’ll receive an e-mail including your link.

Click the link and start hunting!


You can find the starting point in the e-mail.

It’s yours to decide when to start or pause.

You only need a mobile internet connection.

Work togehter

On your own, together, with or against each other! Everything is possible!

Find out your score at the end!

For 1 to 5 players.

Crack the route

Unravel the hints and discover the trail!

Solve the riddles and questions by taking a closer look!

Can’t find the answer? Ask for a hint or skip the question.


Click the Info-button along the way to learn more about the city’s local history and culture.

Discover the true identity of the city!


You’re your own guide, at your own pace.

Enjoy the streets together, the Schnipseljagd is suited for everyone!

Order your Schnipseljagd here!

Kiddie Schnipseljagd Noordwijk Tour

14,00 incl. BTW.

An exciting Schnipseljagd through Noordwijk aan Zee for the young ones!

A challenging and active adventure through the streets of Noordwijk aan Zee. A fun activity with the family and also a good idea for a children’s party!

Together you’ll have to follow the clues on your mobile phone. While chasing the trail you have to complete the assignments!

The various assignments include counting, naming colours and recognizing objects.

Search the trail through Noordwijk aan Zee and let the kids work together on this educational quest!

A fieldtrip they won’t forget!

Playtime: ± 1 – 1,5 hours – 2 km.

Available in: Dutch. Soon also in: English and German

Age: 4 to 8 years.

Mimizan Discovery Tour sightseeing outdoor activity english nederlands

Schnipseljagd Mimizan – Discovery Tour

21,00 incl. BTW.

Explore Mimizan in a new way and go on a treasure hunt with your family or friends!

Walk along the boulevard, enjoy the cosy centre close to the beach and take a look on the typical pier! Learn more about the story of Mimizan’s yellow airplane, the link Coco Chanel has with the town and more local culture and history! Stay on the right track and find yourself at all the beautiful places the seaside has to offer.

Playtime: ± 1,5 – 2 hours – 2,5 km.

Available in: English, French and Dutch.

Schnipseljagd Noordwijk See(a) Tour

21,00 incl. BTW.

Enjoy exciting Noordwijk aan Zee with our new Schnipseljagd Noordwijk See(a)!

Follow the trail of this treasure hunt and visit all the beautiful places of the seaside and old fishermen’s town! Explore the scenes of the beach life and view the old fishermen’s houses. Learn more about the local history and culture of Noordwijk via the Info-button and get to know each other and the Dutch coast in a new way!

Do you want to discover the whole town? Take a look at the Schnipseljagd Noordwijk and also explore the beautiful and charming streets of Noordwijk Binnen!

Playtime: ± 2 hours – 3 km.

Available in: English, Dutch and German.

Schnipseljagd Noordwijk een uitdagend uitje en activietit voor jong en oud

Schnipseljagd Noordwijk Tour

24,00 incl. BTW.

Explore Noordwijk aan Zee & Noordwijk Binnen (centre) in a new way with this challenging treasure hunt!

Discover the beautiful sites Noordwijk has to offer with your friends or family. Experience the seaside while walking the boulevard and get to know more about the local fishery-culture. Enjoy the old fishermen’s houses, learn about the bulbflower history and walk through the romantic streets of Noordwijk Binnen with Lindentrees everywhere!

Playtime: ± 2 – 3 hours – 4 km.

Available in: English, Dutch and German.

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  • What is the Schnipseljagd?

    It’s a challenging treasure hunt, played on your mobile phone. By solving cryptic clues you’ll follow a route. Along the way you’ll have to answer all sorts of questions. You’ll find the anwers hidden in statues, buildings, arts & more! This way you take a diffrent look at your surroundings! While playing you get a lot of backgroundinformation and funfacts!

  • How does it work?

    After your order has been completed, you’ll receive an e-mail, including the starting point and a link to give you acces to the tour. This link is valid for 5 days, after the first time you’ve clicked on it.

    After you click this link, you can start playing right away! No downloads needed.

    When you would like to compete against each other in teams, you can order several tours. You’ll receive an email with link, for each ordered tour. So for example, when you order 3 tours, you’ll receive 3 separate emails with a link inside. You can send these e-mails to the persons who’s phone will be used playing the treasure hunt.

  • With how many persons can I play?

    You can play the Schnipseljagd by yourself or with each other on 1 phone. We think playing with max. 5 persons gives you all the best experience.

    You can also choose to order multiple Schnipseljagds and compete against each other! Which group will collect the most points?

  • Can you pause?

    Yes you can pause whenever you feel like. Handy if you want a break or it starts to rain. The link you’ve recived is valid for 5 days. So in that time by clicking it, you’ll return to the Schnipseljagd.

    The app keeps track of your progress and you’ll return automaticly on the page you left off.

    Nice to know; you can continue to use your mobile phone normaly during the Schnipseljagd.

  • What do I need playing Schnipseljagd?

    You’ll only need a mobile phone or tablet with a mobile internet connection!

    You’ll receive a link in an email, so you don’t have to download anything!

  • For more information:

    Check out the FAQ page.

    Here you’ll also find our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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