New in Noordwijk! The Schnipseljagd!

The Schnipseljagd is a German name for a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt. It’s also known as Schnitzeljagd.

Our Schnipseljagd takes you from Noordwijk on Sea to Noordwijk Binnen, the other charming citycentre! Along the way you’ll see a lot of beautiful places! You’ll go beyond the beach life and discover more about the other sides of Noordwijk and the differences between Noordwijk Zee & Noordwijk Binnen.

It’s a fun challenge for all ages, for couples, families, friends, colleagues and students! You’ll get to know each other better and you’ll look at the environment differently by solving the various assignments together! You can play with or against each other! You can earn points by solving the assignments, at the end you’ll see the total score!

In addition to the assignments that come along, you also have enough time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and just have a nice time together!

The only thing you need to play the Schnipseljagd is a mobile phone or tablet with a mobile internet connection! The Schnipseljagd runs on a web app. This is an app that runs on a website. So you don’t have to download an app. The Schnipseljagd consumes approximately 7 MB.

The Schnipseljagd takes around 2 to 3 hours to complete, with the exception of breaks. Along the way you come across plenty of places to rest, we also indicate where you can eat and drink during the route.

You can easily order the Schnipseljagd Noordwijk via the button below!

We wish you lots of fun!

  • Start:                      Noordwijk on Sea
  • Finish:                    Noordwijk Binnen (Centre)
  • Duration:                2 to 3 hours
  • Length:                   approx. 4.1 km
  • Guide:                    selfguided
  • Payment:               via this website
  • Game acces:         via link in e-mail
  • Valid:                      5 days game acces
  • When:                    anytime, daytime. Pausing is possible
  • Price:                     22,50 Euro
  • Payment:               IDeal, Credit Card, PayPal, Sofort, Bancontact, Przelewy24
  • Persons:                1 to 5 persons. Larger group is possible.

How It Works?

Click & Play

After your oder is completed, you’ll receive an e-mail including an unique link. After clicking this link the Schnipseljagd starts!


The starting point is revealed in an e-mail

You choose when to start, pause or stop the Jagd!

The link is valid for 5 days, so you have enough time to complete the jagd!

Alone or togehter

On your own, together or against each other! Everything is possible! The Schnipseljagd is a challenging activity for everyone and for many moments!

Crack the route

Unravel the hints and discover an unique route through Noordwijk by solving the various assignments at the most beautiful places! The answers can be found in your surroundings!


Are you stuck? Then you can use multiple help lines and play further. Along the way you get more funfacts & backgroundinformation!


The Schnipseljagd takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete. But you are your own guide, at your own pace. So you decide!

Order the Schnipseljagd here!

Schnipseljagd Noordwijk Tour

22,50 incl. BTW.

Explore Noordwijk with our new Schnipseljagd!

Go on Jagd and stay on the right track together!

Please, make sure you select the language of your choice and you can start within a few minutes!

Any questions or feedback?

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  • What is the Schnipseljagd?

    The Schnipseljagd is a challenging riddle chase through Noordwijk, played on your mobile phone. By solving cryptic clues you’ll follow a route! Along the way you’ll find the anwers hidden in statues, buildings, alleys & more! This way you take a diffrent look at your surroundings! While playing you get a lot of backgroundinformation and funfacts!

  • How does it work?

    After your order is completed, you’ll receive an e-mail, including the starting point and an unique link to give you acces to the Schnipseljagd. This link is valid for 5 days, after the first time you’ve clicked on it.

    After you’ve open this link you come directly to the Schnipseljagd. You can start playing right away! No downloading needed.

    When you would like to compete against each other in teams, you can order several Schnipseljagd’s. You’ll receive an email with link, for each ordered Schnipseljagd. So for example, when you order 3 Schnipseljagd’s, you’ll receive 3 separate emails with an unique link inside. You can send these mails to the persons who’s phone will be used playing the Schnipseljagd.

  • With how many persons can I play?

    You can play the Schnipseljagd by yourself or with each other on 1 phone. We think playing with max. 5 persons gives you all the best experience.

    You can also choose to order multiple Schnipseljagds and compete against each other! Which group will collect the most points?

  • Can you pause?

    Yes you can pause whenever you feel like. Handy if you want a break or it starts to rain. The link you’ve recived is valid for 5 days. So in that time by clicking it you return to the Schnipseljagd.

    The app keeps track of your progress and you’ll return automaticly on the page you left off.

    Nice to know; you can continue to use your mobile phone normaly during the Schnipseljagd.

  • What do I need playing Schnipseljagd?

    You’ll only need a mobile phone or tablet with a mobile internet connection!

    You’ll receive a link in an email, so you don’t have to download anything!

    The app is about 7 MB.

  • For more information:

    Check out the FAQ page.

    Here you’ll also find our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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