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What is the Schnipseljagd & Discovery Tour?

The Schnipseljagd is a self-guided sightseeing tour & treasure hunt all in 1! You play the tour on your mobile phone.

You can explore the city at your own pace in a challenging way! Do you want to know more about the history of the places you visit? With a click on the Info button you can discover more stories about the streets, buildings and local culture.


How do I get the Schnipseljagd?

The Schnipseljagd can be ordered here on this website.

Select your favorite tour and the right language and add this Schnipseljagd to your shopping cart.

After your order is complete, you’ll receive 3 e-mails: 1 confirmation, 1 invoice and 1 e-mail including the starting point and your unique link to the Schnipseljagd!

Did you order multiple tours? Apart from the confirmation- and invoice e-mail, you’ll receive a separate link e-mail for each tour ordered. You can forward these link e-mails to the team leaders whose phone will be used to play the Schnipseljagd!


When can I order the Schnipseljagd?

You can always order the Schnipseljagd online. From the moment you start the Schnipseljagd via the link in the e-mail, this link is valid for 5 days. So you have 5 days to complete the quest! Handy for when it keeps raining or you want to pause.

As long as you do not click on the link, the 5 day period does not start. So it’s possible to order your tour(s) some time in advance.

We recommend that you only click the link when you’ve arrived at the starting point.


How exactly does it work?

After you click the unique link in your email, you’ll enter the Schnipseljagd. The link is valid for 5 days. No downloading is needed.

When the jagd starts and you think you’ve found the answers to the questions you can enter them in the answer bar. In case of a wrong answer a red color appears and a given a good answer you’ll go automatically to the next page.

If you don’t know the answer, you can ask for a hint and if you really don’t know; skip the question.

At the end you’ll see how many points you’ve scored!

The Schnipseljagd requires a mobile internet connection to work.

Approx. 7 MB.

Since short period, all providers in Europe are obliged to have foreign internet and telephone charges within your bundle, by European Law. Check your provider.


How does the scoring system work?

For the total play-time you’ll receive a certain number of points.

These are add to all the points you’ve collect by giving the right answers. Asking for a hint or skip a question, will cost you points.


What if I don’t know the answer?

You can ask a for a hint, pushing the ? button at the bottom of the screen.

Still don’t know? Push the >> button to skip this question.


What if I want to stop for a lunch or it starts to rain?

You can pause or stop the Schnipseljagd at any time by using the normal telephone functions.

When you want to continue the Schnipseljagd, simply click again on the link in your e-mail. You’ll automaticly return to the page where you left off.

The link to the game is valid for 5 days, so you can also finish the Schnipseljagd later in the week if you want.


With how many people can you play the Schnipseljagd?

We think you all have the best experience when you play the Schnipseljagd with max. 5 people at one phone. Of course playing with a larger group is possible, but we think there’s limited space around the phone screen.

If you are with a somewhat larger group, you can form teams that each take their own Schnipseljagd and run together or against each other!. Everyone has a good view of the assignments.


Can I play the link on several phones?

No you cannot use one link on more than 1 mobile phone, at the same moment.

If you want to play on more phones, you can order several Schnipseljagd tours.


What variants are there?

Take a look at all our available city treasere hunts and their details in the Online Shop!


What languages are available for the Schipseljagd?

Every Schnipseljagd is available in English and Dutch.

Some also in German and other languages.

Check out the descrition of your favorite tour in the Online Shop to see wich languages are available.


What should I bring to the Schnipseljagd?

Your mobile phone with internet connection is the only thing important.

Furthermore, nothing is needed to play.

We suggest that you bring a (back) bag with some drinks/water, small snacks, an umbrella or poncho and sunscreen.

Along the way are many beautiful photo moments!


Is a guide coming?

No, you don’t have to gather somewhere on time, with a guide that takes you on a tour.

Your guide is the Schnipseljagd! It tells you where to go and by clicking the Info button you’ll get a lot of information and stories about the places you come along. You can start and pause whenever you want! That way you can choose what you like best and take your time!


What if something does not work?

On every page in the game, there’s an Info-button down on the left.

Here you’ll find a Help Form, which you can fill in and sent. This allows you to pass an error to us while playing. We’ll try to help you as soon as possible.

We’ve tested our Schnipseljagd carefully, so we don’t expect any trouble, but problems can occur.

Should something happend that isn’t right while playing the Schnipseljagd, please send us a message and we’ll solve the issue for you.

There’s also a contact form available on the website.


When can you not do the Schnipseljagd?

We recommend that you not play the Schnipseljagd at the following events, because probably part of the route cannot be played:

Bloemencorso Noordwijk – Haarlem (26-04-2020)

Flower Parade Rijnsburg – Noordwijk (08-08-2020). Each year the second Saturday of August.

Market under the Linden, Noordwijk (14+14 – 08-2020)

You can always order the Schnipseljagd. From the moment you start the hunt via the link in your email, this link will be valid for 5 days. So you have 5 days to complete the whole route.


We’ve had a lot of fun making this route through our own village and other places. We’ve made some questions and assignments with special commission of consultation with the residents. We’ve a great deal of respect for the people and everyone who supports our Schnipseljagd, so we ask you to respect the village, its surroundings and its inhabitants and there belongings.  


Important Notice: Take in mind that you’re playing through the city. Sometimes the traffic can be very busy, so be alert!