Schnipseljagd Katwijk Tour


Get to know Katwijk in a new way!

Discover this special trail through this authentic fishermen’s villiage. Walk around the diffrent neighbourhoods, through charming little streets and the historic city centre! Everywhere you’ll find details and hints to older times.

Find out the stories behind the facades and be suprised about Katwijk’s many different sides, while you’re exploring and searching the answers together!

Playtime: ± 2 hours – 3 km.

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The Schnipseljagd Katwijk is a challenging sightseeing treasure hunt on your mobile phone to discover Katwijk!

Unravel the hints and stay on the right track. Along the way you’ll have to solve various questions, assignments and riddles. Find the answers together in your surroundings. Compare old photos, check out buildings and study artworks to find the answers on the questions.

Take a closer look at Katwijk and get to know the town and each other in a new way! The Schnipseljagd takes you to all the beautiful places it has to offer.

If you don’t know the answers on the questions, you can ask for one or several hints or skip the question. You’ll get clear instructions on how to continue.


You start at the Andreas Church on the Boulevard of Katwijk aan Zee.

The finish is also somewhere on the Boulevard, near the city’s centre.

The Schnipseljagd takes around 2 hours to complete, without any breaks.

Along the way you’ll come across plenty of places to rest. We’ll also indicate where you can stop for some drinks or a snack during the route. You can easily start and pause whenever you like! If you want to take a break, simply close the hunt. When you start the hunt again, you’ll automatically return to the page where you left off.



The only thing you’ll need to play the Schnipseljagd is a mobile phone or tablet with a mobile internet connection! You don’t need to download anything.

You’ll receive an e-mail with a link to access the Schnipseljagd after your order has been completed. Don’t forget to check your spam-box.

We think that playing with max. 5 persons on one mobile phone gives you the best experience. Playing with more persons is of course possible.

You can also compete against each other in teams: order 1 Schnipseljagd per team. You’ll receive an e-mail with link, for each ordered Schnipseljagd. For example; when you order 3 x the Schnipseljagd, you’ll receive 3 separate e-mails with an unique link inside.


If you have any questions, check our FAQ page or contact us by using the contact form on the website.

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Parking is easy on the boulevard, in the large parking garage below the dunes: Parkeergarage Boulevard Zeezijde.

Go for more info about parking to:

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