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Schnipseljagd Leiden


Get to know Leiden in a new way!

Discover the charming city of Leiden with our new route.


Playtime: ± 2-3 hours – 3,5 km.

Available in: Dutch and English. German is coming soon.

Schnipseljagd Noordwijk Tour


Explore Noordwijk aan Zee & Noordwijk Binnen in a new way!

Discover the seaside while walking the boulevard and learn more about the local beachlife and fishery-culture. Enjoy the old fishermen’s houses, find out more about the bulbflower history and walk through the romantic streets of Noordwijk Binnen with Lindentrees everywhere!

Playtime: ± 2 – 3 hours – 4 km.

Available in: English, Dutch and German.

Kids Schnipseljagd Noordwijk Tour


An exciting Schnipseljagd for the young ones!

A challenging and active adventure through the streets of Noordwijk aan Zee. A fun activity with the family and also a good idea for a children’s party!

Together you’ll have to follow the clues on your mobile phone. While chasing the trail you have to complete the assignments!

The various assignments include counting, naming colours and recognizing objects.

Search the surroundings and let the kids work together on this educational quest!

A fieldtrip they won’t forget!

Playtime: ± 1 – 1,5 hours – 2 km.

Available in: Dutch, English and German.

Age: 4 to 8 years.

Schnipseljagd Katwijk Tour


Get to know Katwijk in a new way!

Discover this special trail through this authentic fishermen’s villiage. Walk around the diffrent neighbourhoods, through charming little streets and the historic city centre! Everywhere you’ll find details and hints to older times.

Find out the stories behind the facades and be suprised about Katwijk’s many diffrent sides, while you’re exploring and searching the answers together!

Playtime: ± 2 hours – 3 km.

Available in: Dutch. English and German coming soon.

Schnipseljagd Noordwijk See(a) Tour


Enjoy exciting Noordwijk aan Zee!

Follow the trail of this treasure hunt and visit all the beautiful places of the seaside and old fishermen’s town! Explore the scenes of the beach life and view the old fishermen’s houses. Learn more stories about the local history and culture of Noordwijk!

Do you want to discover the whole town? Take a look at the Schnipseljagd Noordwijk and also explore the beautiful and charming streets of Noordwijk Binnen!

Playtime: ± 2 hours – 3 km.

Available in: English, Dutch and German.

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Schnipseljagd Tulip Tour

From 19,95

Unfortunately we couldn’t open our doors this season ’21 due the corona measures.

We’re still exited and ready to go, so we will open again next season in februari 2022.

Follow our social media to keep up to date with the latest news and opening date.


Dive deeper into the tulip fields with the Schnipseljagd Tulip Tour!

Tulip farm S. Pennings & Zn in Noordwijkerhout opens his doors to the public!

Play the Schnipseljagd and discover everything there’s to know about tulips and take unique pictures in the blooming fields!

Unravel the trail via your mobile phone through this Dutch bulbbarn. Along the way you’ll find all sorts of questions and assignments. Search the answers together and discover everything about tulips and the bulb growing process.

Then find your way around the property where you’re allowed to walk into the special reserved flowerfield to shoot some unique photo’s.

More tulips are waiting for you in the picking garden, where you can pick your favourites to take home!

All for €19,95 per person.

During check out you can select a date and time for each tour.

Also available in Dutch and German.

Schnipseljagd Mimizan Discovery Tour


Explore Mimizan in a new way and go on a treasure hunt with your family or friends!

Walk along the boulevard, enjoy the cosy centre close to the beach and take a look on the typical pier! Learn more about the story of Mimizan’s yellow airplane, the link Coco Chanel has with the town and more local culture and history! Stay on the right track and find yourself at all the beautiful places the seaside has to offer.

Playtime: ± 1,5 – 2 hours – 2,5 km.

Available in: English, French and Dutch.