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Schnipseljagd Noordwijk een uitdagend uitje en activietit voor jong en oud

Schnipseljagd Noordwijk Tour

24,00 incl. BTW.

Explore Noordwijk on Sea & Noordwijk Binnen (centre) in a new way with this challenging treasure hunt!

Discover with your family or friends all the beautiful sides of the Boulevard, the old fishermen’s houses and walk through the romantic streets of Noordwijk Binnen with Lindentrees everywhere! Learn more about the Dutch culture and history by using the Info-button.

Stay on the right track and find yourself at all the special places the town has to offer!

Playtime: ± 2 – 3 hours.

Available in: English, Dutch and German.

Schnipseljagd Noordwijk See(a) Tour

21,00 incl. BTW.

Explore exciting Noordwijk aan Zee with our new Schnipeljagd Noordwijk See(a)!

Go on a hunt for the answers with our treasure hunt and visit all the beautiful places of the seaside and old fishermen’s town! Go behind the scenes of the beach life and view the old fishermen’s houses. Learn more about the local history and culture of Noordwijk via the Info-button and get to know each other and the Dutch coast in a new way!

Do you want to discover the whole town? Take a look at the Schnipseljagd Noordwijk and discover besides the old fishermen’s town also the charming sides of Noordwijk Binnen!

Playtime: ± 2 hours.

Available in Dutch and English.

Mimizan Discovery Tour sightseeing outdoor activity english nederlands

Mimizan Discovery Tour

21,00 incl. BTW.

Explore Mimizan in a new way and go on a treasure hunt with your family or friends! Find the answers in your surroundings ! Learn more about the story of yellow airplane, the link Coco Chanel has with the town and more local culture & history! Stay on the right track and find yourself at all the beautiful places the seaside has to offer!

Playtime: ± 1,5 – 2 hours.

Available in Dutch and English.