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Noordwijk, the Netherlands

About JOLA

We’ve started Jola Tours & Trips to offer you a new adventurous way to discover Noordwijk!

Noordwijk is our hometown and during our travels we’ve had many ideas about organizing tours or trips in our own beautiful town!

After a nice conversation with a couple from Germany we’ve discovered a phenomenon called ‘Schnitzeljagd’. A treasure/scavenger hunt where¬† ‘paperbits’ ‘ or ‘flakes’ (called schnipsel) should be collected for an answer.

With this new inspiration, we have united all our ideas and started our own Schnipseljagd tour!

The Schnipseljagd is a challenging digital quest; you have to solve clues and riddles. During the game you’ll get a good view of Noordwijk’s various beautiful sides, hidden streets and charming houses.

We thought this webapp-idea was a cool new way to experience and learn more about Noordwijk!.

What we especialy like about our jagd is that you can do this activity together, searching for the answers with your friends and family!

We hope you have the best time together playing our Schnipseljagd!

See you in Noordwijk!

Joost & Laura

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