Welcome to the Schnipseljagd

Welcome to the Schnipseljagd Mimizan!

From the starting point, you’ll follow clues to unravel the route and answer the questions.

You have to discover the answers in your surroundings along the way; this requires a sharp eye!

Answer the questions as many times as you like. Is the answer a number? Then enter a digit.

For most questions you can get some extra help.

As long as there are hints available, you can click on the hint-button.

If you really don’t know the answer, you can use the >>-button to skip the question.

Then read the directions carefully.

But be aware that hints and skips will costs you points.

Yes that’s right, you’ll earn points for all the good answers given!

When you come along a bold word, you can discover more info about this topic by clicking the info-button.

You can always reopen the Schnipseljagd via the start button in the e-mail. You will automatically return to the page where you left off.

Down below eveny page there’s a feedback form, which you can use for any type of feedback.

Now start the game and be alert: you may need everything you see or read later!

Have fun!