Cat or Kat?

Another theory for the name of Katwijk is the old word ‘kat’, which means fishing boat.

Down here you can see a timeline and read more about the course of the different peoples in this area.


At the beginning of the era, several tribes lived in this area.

Around Katwijk these were first mainly the Cats and then the Canenefates. They had split from the Batavians, who still lived to the east of them. The Frisians lived mainly north of the river.

Around the beginning of the era, the Romans came to the Rijnmond area.

Until the Romans disappeared in the 4th and 5th centuries, there had been many conflicts and collaborations with various tribes. The Canenefates disappeared, probably moved on, or merged with other tribes.

The area of ​​the Frisians extended along the coast from Belgium to Denmark.

In 689 AD. the Franks came from the south, who kept moving north and conquered the Frisians.

Cats: 0 – 170 AD.

Frisians: 0 – late 3rd century. Germanic people, lived north of the Rhine.

Canenefates: 0 – 4th century. Lived in the Rijnmond area.

Batavians: 0 – 5th century. Lived around the river, east of the Canenefates.

Franks: 3rd –10th century. Area south of the Rhine.

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