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Schnipseljagd Katwijk Tour


Get to know Katwijk in a new way!

Discover this special trail through this authentic fishermen’s villiage. Walk around the diffrent neighbourhoods, through charming little streets and the historic city centre! Everywhere you’ll find details and hints to older times.

Find out the stories behind the facades and be suprised about Katwijk’s many different sides, while you’re exploring and searching the answers together!

Playtime: ± 2 hours – 3 km.

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Kids Schnipseljagd Katwijk 4-8 years


Go on a family adventure through the streets of Katwijk aan Zee, with this exciting treasure hunt for kids from 4 to 8 years old!

Also a playful activity for a children’s birthday party.

Together you’ll have to follow the clues on your mobile phone. While chasing the trail, you have to complete various assignments, including counting, naming colours and recognizing objects and animals.

Search the surroundings and let the kids work together on this educational quest!

Experience an exciting adventure and let your kids discover and work together, while you can shoot the best photos.

At the end of the Schnipseljagd you’ll find a nice playground in the dunes, success guaranteed.

A fieldtrip they won’t forget!

Playtime: ± 1 hour 15 min. – 2 km.