Pigeon master

At Rapenburg 94 you can also spot a ‘koekerroe’ on the facade.

This graceful plaque is an ode to Christian Willemszoon, an entertainer who kept pigeons as a hobby.

During the Siege of Leiden, he and his brothers smuggled a number of pigeons out of the city, which ended up in Delft.

These pigeons later brought the important letters with the message that the liberation was coming.

As a reward Christian Willemsz. received a gold medal, got to change his name to ”v. Duyvenbode” (pigeon messenger) and he got the right to use a family coat of arms!

Continue along the canal.

Where a suitcase is waiting for you, turn left.

Follow the arrows at the end of the street and look for a devil's gate on the square of the Church of St. Peter.

What kind of headgear is the man wearing above the gate?

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